Auto Painting in Kenosha

Trustworthy Auto Painting in Kenosha

Auto Painting in Kenosha, Kenosha Auto Painting, Car Paint Job in Kenosha WI

Looking for an Auto Painting in Kenosha? There are many reasons one may need car painting.

  • The vehicle was in a recent car crash
  • Wanting to fix some cosmetic scratches or scrapes
  • Just wanting a refresh

No matter the reason, Millhouse Auto Body has the experience and the team to ensure that your car’s new paint job is flawless and looks like brand new!

Come out to the Best Auto Painting in Kenosha!

Your car deserves the BEST auto painting services:


  • Custom Painting and Restoration
  • Collision Painting
  • Professional Color Matching

It is very important to follow all the steps in the process, but taking the time to prep correctly can make a huge difference in the end result!

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